Back pain

I did it again… whenever I’m ready to go this seems to happen. I wrenched my back good, and have not been moving well the last 2 days. I think I’m on the other side of it, but has caused a delay in training. I’ll probably be back at it by Sunday…

Still want to do the plan that I posted earlier. I actually had a really great 1st workout, but I must have done something to my back, or not warmed up properly… hate this 40 thing.


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A better BMI?

Found this post. Suggested a better bmi calculation for the tall. I think I have a fairly dense bone structure, (at 205 I look very very skinny… which would be on the high end of normal weight for my height). Although that may just be a myth, I would regard anything under 200 pounds for me to be underweight. If you saw me at that weight, you would know.

At any rate, at the link below, at what I think would be a good lean weight for me…. 215, I am in the range for normal weight. This seems way more accuracte. I carry around a fair amount of muscle too which effects this as well.

I’m really going to make a concerted effort to get down to that weight again and hold it there. I was there 2 years ago (not too my choosing, but because of illness), but the feeling of being lighter was amazing. Protien shakes and cutting the useless carbs until november….

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Bad calculations

I did this a few weeks back… my calculation was wrong. I am going to reset at 36 minutes.

I’ve been low on the running lately. Looking at some other plans… I’ll base this on a 36 minute 5K .. A 20% reduction would be a 27 minute 5K which I would be thrilled with. So for this:

Y = 36 * .4 = 14.5 minutes (this is a great warmup for a light weight workout).

X = 5.0 mph (round up to 5.5mph – .5mph)
14.5 minutes @ 5.0 mph
14.5 minutes @ 5.15 mph
14.5 minutes @ 5.3 mph
14.5 minutes @ 5.45 mph
14.5 minutes @ 5.6 mph

… and so on, and so on, and so on. Until you get up to target speed. Then I’ll wrong on increasing the distance at that speed. If I can’t get to target speed (7.5… then I’ll just start increasing distance at that speed).

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Get going again

Lack of consistency and injuries strike again. Been very busy with work too… made things difficult; but that’s a bad excuse.

So I still like the idea of running 20 minutes roughly every day. I think this is closest to how I got my speed up last time (and lost a lot weight in the process). I mixed that with basic weight lifting (goblet squats, presses, etc)… I did this after the run (yes, it was ten years ago).

I have a race registered in November. Not too concerned as I was able to train just a few weeks ahead of the last race I did, and have a pretty decent time. Would rather work on the speed and weight, and then see if I can get the endurance towards the end of the next 2 months.

Also considering mixing those body weight workouts on off days… lots of stretching of course too.

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Another run program?

I’ve been low on the running lately. Looking at some other plans… I’ll base this on a 34 minute 5K .. A 20% reduction would be a 27 minute 5K which I would be thrilled with. So for this:

Y = 20:24

X = 5.0 mph (round up to 5.5mph – .5mph)
20 minutes @ 5.0 mph
20 minutes @ 5.15 mph
20 minutes @ 5.3 mph
20 minutes @ 5.45 mph
20 minutes @ 5.6 mph

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Compex Part 2

A few more thoughts in to week 2 with the device.

DOMS. So I’ve worked my calves pretty hard with the COMPEX as it’s easily my most troubled spot. I’ve basically had a week of crazy DOMS in my calves. It took an extra day till it showed up. It was no worse than anything I’ve had before after tough workouts where I targeted a body part, it just seemed to stick around a bit longer than I expected. Some of my ankle funkiness has returned.

I also had some DOMS in my shoulders in areas I’ve never experienced. Again… I view all this with a lot of positively, as I’m able to hit areas that I wasn’t able to hit before with traditional training.

Placement: I am able to get the lower/mid back on by myself. It’s not easy, but I can still get it pretty accurate. I still haven’t tried the traps on my own.

Intensity: It is not pleasant… as it should be. You have to ease in through the resistance program. If you immediately move to 40, it sucks. But then you get use to it, and continue cranking it up.

Warmups: I sometimes skip the warmup and cool down when approriate, or shorten one or both. The greatly reduces the time I’m on the machine.

Areas: I’ve done Hamstrings, quads, calves, abs, lower back, bi/tr, shoulders. Would like to ratchet the intensity up on all of these. I had a fear the abs routine could leave me unable to walk. That hasn’t been the case so far, and I’ve moved the intensity up.

Programs: I’m still doing resistance, but think I will likely move to strength 1 next week. Probably more like 2 days a week.

Running: I haven’t run since the calf workout a week ago. Today will be my first run (I think). I still have a bit of calf tightness. I SO commented that my calves looked very muscular. Hopefully additional muscle building has started, and ill lead to taking some strain off on Achilles.

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First week with the Compex Sports Elite

So I bought one of these fancy Compex electro stim devices. Let me preface this with, I’m not any elite athlete… in fact, I’m probably some where around average athlete that works out a few times a week. So why did I get the device. Given the numerous injuries I’ve had over the years, and trips to the PT office, I became a believer in stim for therapy and strengthening. I also was intrigued by the idea of ‘waking’ up some muscles in areas, particularly in some of my trouble spots (ankles/hamstrings/glutes/back), in the hopes that it might make me less likely to get injured.

My original plan was to use some of there plans around strength and recovery to supplement my latest cardio phase. I though it might be something I could do while working (I was wrong, I’ll get to that later), or while sitting on the couch watching TV (more like this).

So I’ll go through the pro’s and con’s first as I’ve seen in the first week. Don’t take the negative less as outweighing the positives… the negatives are more of a ‘reality check’.

So the positives:

  • This thing is strong, and gives you a lot of flexibility
  • Seems well built and packaged… I think it will last.
  • Can work abs effectively while watching TV(and some of the other exercises).
  • It isn’t easy! Stim is hard — results should follow.
  • I read alot about people experiencing crazy DOMs with this device, I have not. Follow the directions and ease in to it!
  • Variety of different ways to use the device… versatility galore. Everything from massage to explosive strength.
  • Pads appear to be of good quality, and quite sticky (although sometimes painful to pull off).


  • Hard to dial in when you first start (but this should get better as I get more familiar with the machine).
  • Programs are long! It takes a few minutes to set up the pads, and then the resistance one I have been doing is nearly 1/2 hour, the strength ones are slightly longer than 1/2 hour. You can cut the warmp-up time so it’s all closer to 15-20 minutes. Still a long time. So if I did that for 4-5 body parts we are talking 2 – 2.5 hours. Time I don’t have (so new strategy is to focus on certain areas every day.
  • Can’t place pads on my back (and don’t want to get my wife to do it). This is really only for my lower/mid back and traps. I can get it on by myself with hamstrings calves, etc. Requires a buddy to work lower back…
  • Lacking documentation and community. There should be more clear plans on how to use this thing. Some of the videos on placement are okay, but some contradict the manual sent. Developing a community around this product will greatly increase sales.
  • You can’t do this while working… some of the legs one you can do, but you will and should be distracted. Anything upper body will cause too much vibration with your mouse.

Only time will tell how well this thing works. What I’d really like to focus on going forward is ankle stability abs and lower back. Then cycle to other things like shoulders/traps/quads/hams, etc. I think focusing on one body part a cycle is the way to go for the time crunched.

I’ll follow this up with a thorough review after I’ve been through a few cycles.

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