Frustrating run of it… illness

So the 2nd setback since September’s covid. I got this upper respiratory thing. I thought I was okay to workout on Monday, but it looks like it just set my recovery back some.

I did the shoulder press workout on monday, which is the easiest of the 3. I cut the number of pullups , so that I was doing about 1/3 of the usual. My HRV and RHR were 55bpm and 20ms that day. The HRV was a little low, but in the okay range for now.

I felt like I was working pretty hard during the workout, and the lifts went fine. That evening though my body felt extra stressed. My HRV that night was 15ms, with a RHR of 68 bpm. I haven’t seen anything like that since I think I had the shingles. Even the covid illness didn’t get to RHR above 62 bpm. Today’s RHR was 61 bpm, and 18ms HRV. Clearly still not recovered right, and will require at least 1 if not 2 more days before I can train again.

I should be walking to de-stress, but haven’t had much the chance. I am very tempted to hit golf balls, but think I should rest at least one more day before doing that craziness.

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Into 2nd block and balancing golf

I’m into my second block of Prep/FL. It has been going well, but I’ve giving myself extra rest days due to the extra golf I’ve been playing. This has worked out well, but has not left much time to keep cardio going. My only cardio has been hoofing around the golf course. Weights, even when done fast like I have been, is not cardio.

My pattern is something like lift/golf/rest, lift/golf/rest.

I really like these workouts because they are quick. I keep moving through the workout, trying to keep rest within 90 seconds. Today’s will be the longest because it is squat, and that usually requires a bit more mental prep.

I will say, I’m having more soreness and a tougher time recovering as of late. Mostly from the squat workout. Hoping today is close enough to the last that I have some sort of adaptation. I made it through the squat workout , and still pretty warm from it. The top set was hard, and the last couple squat sets were hard, but hopefully won’t be so sore this week.

This block goes through about thanksgiving, and then I’m anchoring it with a FSL block. I may repeat, or do switch it up to an all new program. I see my guy has published something new. 100 bucks probably worth it to me, to follow his lead on something new that doesn’t kill me. At least to get more advice.

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Good lifting session

Did the Shoulder press 85%. 39 minutes total. No funkiness in the shoulders or back. Felt really good.

My hrv is still toileted. I think lack of real cardio is the problem. How to work the cardio in is difficult with the golf. I’m getting walks in on the golf course, but that is a stressor between walking and running, and longer than usual. Running would lead to better golf cardio, but finding time for both is hard at the moment. Need to maybe get it down to 2x a week for short 30 minute sessions just to keep some level. Can always pick it up a bit over the winter.

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Lifting session was scheduled for Saturday, and I took an extra rest day. HRV has been very low, stress levels high. Needed the extra day after a difficult friday. Today I hope to lift, work and golf! Not sure how all that is going to come together, but will try.

This coming week is a push week, moving from 85% to 95%. Will have some days that are hard work schedule wise. Lack of walking and cardio is an issue at the moment. Need more of that. Perhaps the creatine is doing what it’s done in the past, negatively effecting HRV because of extra water weight. It definitely helps with the energy during the training sessions, but to what detriment. Drinking lots of water.

Shoulders have been better, but lower back has been really stiff from all the golf. Just keep moving…

Weight is still hoovering around 220. 210 is ideal for me.

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A real week?

Did workout one as a ‘real workout’. It went well, 36 minutes, got through it fast. Lots of warmup time. It’s really a lot of just moving through the routine, trying to keep the rest between lifts down to 90 seconds. I went up to the 90% weight on the bench.

I am somewhat tempted to do the squat workout today, but I really should do cardio. Long cardio on the treadmill again. Need to get back in habit, or run outside again.

Squat workout will be telling. It wrecked me last time with the hamstrings…will need an even longer warmup this time (20 minute warmup, 35 minutes work).

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Back at it

I’ve had 3 days since Sunday of workouts. Sunday I did the full bench workout, but did not raise the weight above 80% of TM or over do pullups. I did a very slow jog/walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Probably 1:3 split of jog to walk. Yesterday I attempted the squat workout with the same plan of not going over 80%.

When I haven’t squatted in a long time, my hamstrings seem to get really tight, especially the next day. A little strange, they started bugging me during the workout yesterday. So I ended up cutting the last 8 sets of it. Basically the workout ended just a little over half way. My hamstrings are sore today, and will need a bit more recovery time.

Same plan as before, will repeat this weeks workout next week, but work up to the 90% TM.

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Lets go

I think I am ready to get back at it either today or tomorrow. I got some recovery in HRV, 25ms. It’s on the lower end of normal for me, but it’s in the normal range. My RHR avg of 60 is on the high side.

I feel pretty decent. Still a small cough, and will likely just walk fast this week for cardio, until I can jog a couple minutes.

For the weight workouts, I have this new plan, but I’m going to count this week as a ‘prep for prep’ week. Ease the body back in to the routine. To do that, I will cut reps on some exercises and weights. For the main exercise, I will cut the top set and just repeat the second set and see how that feels, next week or later this week if the recovery feels good then I can go to full volume. If I don’t do the full volume workout, I will rotate back around to it with the same weights hitting the top set.

Today is Bench press with a fair amount of pullups. 2 sets of Rows, Swings and single leg work. Trying to keep it within the 90s range per exercise.

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Slow recovery from Covid

I’m on day 10 of Covid. Chart below you can see a nighttime fever that peaked early over the first days, then a low grade fever that has been slowly going down since.

The heart rate and HRV are similar. Spike in average RHR to 70, and now down to 63 bpm after 10 days. I’m still 8 beats off my last several months average of 61. 19ms on the Average HRV, which is 7ms off the average of 26ms.

I’m thinking I can get back to golf and walking this week. Then hopefully back to lifting and jogging a week from today.

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Covid observations – HRV , fogginess

So a few observations on Covid. I started feeling very off on the 16th, however I didn’t get much warning from HRV/HR that I might be getting sick. My HRV and RHR were all in normalish range through the 15th. Unlike when I had the shingles and I got a weird HRV warning a couple days ahead of it.

Getting sick, no warning on the evening of the 15th

Now if we really zoom in. The worst of it from an RHR was the 17th with a RHR of 70 bpm. The worst HRV was the 20th, just two nights ago and a 16ms avg overnight. Looking at both my avg and lowest RHR, I’m 5-6 bpm off the average over the last 3 months. HRV deviation looks even further off about 8ms off still. Heal

Disappointed I can’t compare the daily from my shingles recovery. It appears Oura has archived some of my data, so making that comparison is tough. I have some older captures, which shows it took about 4 weeks recover to normal levels after bottoming. The course of that illness was at least 3 weeks, and took several more rest before I believe I started light exercise again.

So I’m on day 7 of this. I have energy again, but a lot of head fogginess keeping me from working. I feel like my lungs are ‘frozen’ and I’ve just got a bunch of crap stuck there. My voice sounds terribly horse. I think my fever has mostly abated.

I should be pounding water… but haven’t been this morning. You get tired of the never ending water after awhile.

The big question of when to return to physical activity. Walking when your no longer feverish. Lifting when fever has been gone at least 3-4 days. Golfing probably the same. Running, probably at least a week after cough is gone. I fear the cough will get more wet here as it works it way out. Hoping to be activty walking by the weekend, as my energy levels seem to be rising!

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Covid — glad I finished the last block

So got sick on the 16th. Tested positive on the 17th, still feel crappy on the 19th.

Glad I got the last block done. It usually doesn’t work out that way. At any rate, my lifts are now moot for the next cycle, and will need to take some weight off the bar when I get back at it. Will probably do some light bodyweight to build back in, but will have to see how this plays out.

Praying that by tomorrow I start feeling back to normal.

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