Consistency, and lack thereof

Again, consistently not consistent. I feel great when I lift, and when I run. But I would say I tend to average something like 1-2 time a week (2 would be a good week). I need 4-6 times a week to make progress.

The one place I have been consistent is with stretching. Been pretty good about that, and seem to find time to take a few minutes to stretch in the evenings. This is good but not great, still the typical problem areas. Part of it too is I’ve had back pain and use the various stretches and mobility drills to try to improve things.

So how do I make myself more consistent. Schedules, right. Calendars, Apps, etc. Yes. Keep your workouts short and sweet. Short weight lifting sessions (just do the basics), run outside for short distances (1-2 miles , but vary your speed). Run/Walk with the dog when he is cooperating. I think I can get this done. Don’t let long days at work get you out of routine. Go to the gym on the way home even if that means just shooting baskets for 1/2 hour.

Come back to this blog at the end of the month with an update. Current weight is around 230… goal weight is around 220, and to be in better shape to run the Rockville 10K this year.


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Back pain and running

So recently I’ve hit a bit of a snag. Took a little time off, but have been running sporadically. Pretty slow still, averaging about 11 minute mile.

I had some back stiffness, and a little bit of pain crop up, but I thought it was because of the goblet squats or something else I was doing during my weight training. So I pulled back on the weight training, but kept the cardio up for the most part.

I had a break for a week or so, and my back seemed to get better. Then I got back to running outside with the cooler weather. Ran twice in the last 3 days, and my back was nice and stiff this morning. At any rate, trying a new ‘mobility’ routing centered around my back. Basically hitting all the PT stuff in the core to keep it strong and be able to keep running. Thinking twice a day (morning and afternoon) while I’m working.

Most of this is taken from this link :
My thought is hit all potential causes, and hopefully one will work. Also this link seemed to be of use, given my pain tends to be on ‘one side’.

Above link could be possible weakness somewhere in my chain from squating, which is worth addressing:

So here it is, my new office workout (don’t need to leave the room):

Office routine:


  • 10x pelvic tilts
  • knee to chest stretch
  • 10x hip bridges
  • Childs pose 30-60 seconds
  • Rotate through stretch (2x on way to bird dog)
  • 10 opposite arm /leg (birddog)
  • 60 seconds back extension
  • Optional: Lewitt (See link)
  • SI joint issues –
  • Towel stretch
  • Alternating hip (create space)

Ankle mobility

  • Bent knee slant board
  • Ankle drops on stair

General Mobility (pick 1-3)

  • Squat stretch — 60 seconds
  • Bending at hip practice
  • Hip stretches (pigeon) 60 seconds
  • Groin Stretch
  • Founders (10x ‚Ķ see book)
  • Neck rolls
  • Shoulder/Chest stretches
  • Planks

General strengthening other exercises:

  • Rollouts (Wheel of Pain)
  • Crunches
  • Grip Strength
  • Crushers 10x each hand
  • Hangs (gotta go to basement for this)

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More consistency

I feel great. Been getting a variety of exercise for the last 2 months. Aches and pains are minimal (a little back pain, but I think that is more from the mattress than working out). No knee pain, ankle pain only when i haven’t stretched it enough… one ankle is kind of funky, but I have zero pain when running.

Performance could be better… but it’s always a battle between trying not to over do it, and going so hard that I injure myself. My running times have probably dropped a little, but not enough to really notice a huge difference. I typically do a mile or two on the treadmill and then do some more less intense cardio on the elliptical, or bike or something equivalent. I’d say I probably average about 11 minute mile, and trying hard to drop that to 10 (difference between 5.4 mph and 6.0 mph on treadmill). I do at times feel like I’m about to make a jump in speed like I have before … but it never quite pans out. Maybe soon ūüôā

The weightlifting hasn’t been as ‘progressive’ as I like. I had one really intense leg workout about 2 weeks ago, which I over did it. It felt awesome doing some heavy double kb squats, but I paid for it being sore for several days. I haven’t been able to repeat since.

I’m typically doing leg workouts like this: 3-4 sets dbl kb squats. 3 sets of kb deadlifts (2.5 pood = 90 pounds, 40 kg). Sometimes heavy carries. Sometimes kb swings, sometimes lunges, sometimes rollouts. I kind of pick and choose depending on how I’m feeling.

For upper body. Typically I do pushups, pullups, aussie pullups as my core exercises. Sometimes I do incline presses. I often do double kb presses. I sometimes finish with direct bicep/tricep work. I often include rollouts or other ab work in these workouts.

I spend a fair amount of time stretching. Lots of pigeon pose, child pose. Lots of work on the slant board. I need to figure out ways to loosen up my back a bit more as it’s fine, but gets stiff from sitting now. I did some of the exercises from foundation the other day and that seemed to hit things rights.

My weight is down… but not as far I would like. Around 227. It’s going slow, but my appetite has really picked up with the amount of working out I’m doing. I’d like to drop 12 more pounds, but do that I need to be tracking my calories a bit better.

Overall, health feels good… it feels good to be consistent. I even make time when I’m away from home to get a workout in.

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Consistency is the key


Areas of fitness, and my level of consistency in the last month

  1.  Cardio Рyes, 3-4 times a week at least.  Average over 150 minutes a week
  2. Strength training Рalmost Р3 times a week split upper lower.  Could spend more time here, as workouts are typically short
  3. Diet – almost – Good fiber, veggies, etc.¬† ¬†Decent on protien, but could do a little better.¬† Very good on cutting out nonsense carbs (white carbs… except for the pop tart yesterday).
  4. Mobility – not good – I’ve been doing it, but not consistently enough (except for my slant board).¬† I need to be working my hips, shoulders and lower back more.
  5. Body Comp –¬† ¬† BMI adjusted for tall people is at 26.0.¬† ¬†Trying to get below 25 which is a weight of around 215.¬† To get below official bmi ‘overweight’ my weight have to drop to 205, which is just not realistic.¬† ¬†215 is a VERY healthy weight for me… 205 is an extremely skinny weight for me.

Overall, this is pretty good.  Still areas for improvement.   Goal is to get this down to less than 225 by the end of summer (consistently weigh in less than this).   Would like to get my 5k time in the 31-32 minute area, and be able to double KB squat my 55s again for 10 reps.   All modest goals and doable.



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Long time no post…

Back at it again. Been really consistent over the last almost 4 weeks. 12 workouts over 24 days. That’s a workout every other day, plus I’ve been walking the dog on some longish walks.

I know if I can keep this up through the rest of the next couple months my gains will keep coming. What have I been doing…. running (mostly treadmill), and some other cardio to finish things off for some longer cardio sessions. I have been lifting… sticking with basics, like squats, pull-ups, push-ups, kb swings, incline dumbbell presses, heavy carries. Nothing too crazy, keeping it short. Been doing lots of roll outs too… abs fee good.

I have been very inconsistent for the last 6 months due to some family issues, but now feel good being back at it. I ran the pike’s peek 10k again, 1:10:21 was my time. I was pretty satisfied with that considering I hadn’t run anything longer than a couple miles leading up to it.

So here’s to another 4 weeks of consistency. Short term goals for the next 6 weeks:
55 kb x 2 for 10 squat.

19-20 minute 2 mile run.
A few outside long runs.
No injuries!

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Back pain

I did it again… whenever I’m ready to go this seems to happen. I wrenched my back good, and have not been moving well the last 2 days. I think I’m on the other side of it, but has caused a delay in training. I’ll probably be back at it by Sunday…

Still want to do the plan that I posted earlier. I actually had a really great 1st workout, but I must have done something to my back, or not warmed up properly… hate this 40 thing.

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A better BMI?

Found this post. Suggested a better bmi calculation for the tall. I think I have a fairly dense bone structure, (at 205 I look very very skinny… which would be on the high end of normal weight for my height). Although that may just be a myth, I would regard anything under 200 pounds for me to be underweight. If you saw me at that weight, you would know.

At any rate, at the link below, at what I think would be a good lean weight for me…. 215, I am in the range for normal weight. This seems way more accuracte. I carry around a fair amount of muscle too which effects this as well.

I’m really going to make a concerted effort to get down to that weight again and hold it there. I was there 2 years ago (not too my choosing, but because of illness), but the feeling of being lighter was amazing. Protien shakes and cutting the useless carbs until november….

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