Anchor Block – Back injury on deadlift

  • Deadlift 265×3, 295×1 – injured back when I went to do a second rep
  • Seated Press 125×8

So this was new. I was feeling okay during the deadlift workout, and planned on one heavy set at 295. After all, it wasn’t long ago that I did 310 for 9 reps (Nov 30). My form looked decent enough, but when I went to pull on the 2nd rep, the lower back said absolutely no!

So what lessons can I take away from this:

  • Always use a belt on your heavy sets
  • More warmup time (you warmed your hip up adequately but not your lower back)
  • Running the day before = stiffness = be careful.
  • GO LIGHTER if you have any doubt at all. 265×3 felt a little heavy, and should have sent off warnings.
  • Work on side planks – and other back things. You’ve been so focused on your hips that you neglected right above

So where to go from here. NSAIDs and heat at the moment. I tried a SI joint reset which usually give me relief. More stretch and mobility work once better. Reset deadlift for the rest of this block (no PRs) and hopefully back is good in a day or two so I can get back at it! I feel really good about my upper body work, and don’t want to waste the prep from the last cycle. I am thinking of just working up to 2nd set for the rest of this month as long as the back feels okay. We’ll see how it feels.

I really wanted to work on some running this go around, but concerned because I immediately felt the tightness in my back the next day after running. Not sure how to deal with this.

Like I normally do.. .bad habit of eating too much after getting hurt. Stop it right now.

The press was pretty good, I probably should have immediately stopped but I didn’t. I was able to do 125×8. No jokers or volume.

Next workout is squat workout (and that didn’t hurt my hip last time), but is definitely a no go if back pain persists. Lets see if I can fix this.

Going forward , Mgill big 3 along with your hip work. Warmup, Side plank , curl up , and bird dog. Hip bridges are great — gets the glutes fired up. Warmup before run and lifts. I think some rotational stuff might help. Better posture while working

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